2013-12-16 BERTRAND JoëlTypo. master
2013-12-15 BERTRAND JoëlChanging directory to run
2013-12-15 BERTRAND JoëlChanging freetype include directory.
2013-12-15 BERTRAND JoëlAdding call for grub configuration.
2013-12-14 BERTRAND JoëlAdding protection in sys$mutex_count_unlock.
2013-12-14 BERTRAND JoëlRemoving debug information.
2013-12-14 BERTRAND JoëlMajor bug in sys$mutex() is fixed.
2013-12-14 BERTRAND JoëlMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-14 BERTRAND JoëlMajor bug is fixed in sys$mutex.
2013-06-30 BERTRAND JoëlMutexes are now fixed and seem to work as expected...
2013-06-29 BERTRAND JoëlMutexes are currently broken.
2013-06-28 BERTRAND JoelRemove object files.
2013-06-26 BERTRAND JoelFix a major but in sys_mutex (recursive mutexes).
2013-06-23 BERTRAND JoëlLinker script is modified to fix a gcc-4.7 regression.
2013-06-16 BERTRAND JoëlSome modifications to use a recent microkernel and...
2013-06-16 BERTRAND JoëlSome modifications to port FreeVMS on recent L4/X2...
2013-06-14 BERTRAND JoelRestarting FreeVMS project.
2010-12-28 BERTRAND JoelAdding names tree
2010-12-28 BERTRAND JoelStarting to write pager.sys
2010-12-27 BERTRAND JoelAdd new process entry point in librtl.
2010-12-07 BERTRAND JoelAddong a syscall to handle exit values.
2010-12-07 BERTRAND JoelSYSCALL$KILL_THREAD now wait for a thread id.
2010-12-07 BERTRAND JoelAdding exit() function to librtl to remove thread from...
2010-12-07 BERTRAND JoelTypo
2010-12-07 BERTRAND JoelAdd bootstrap code to handle main(int, char **) arguments.
2010-12-06 BERTRAND Joeltypo
2010-12-06 BERTRAND JoelRemove some unused variables.
2010-12-06 BERTRAND JoelFix rtl$sprint() function.
2010-12-06 BERTRAND JoelCALL$PRINT bug fixes
2010-12-04 BERTRAND JoelRemove symbols.h
2010-12-04 BERTRAND JoelTry to fix StringItem IPC.
2010-12-03 BERTRAND JoelTypo
2010-12-03 BERTRAND JoelTypo
2010-12-03 BERTRAND JoelFix L4 initialization in standard threads.
2010-12-02 BERTRAND JoelSome bugs fixed in boot process.
2010-11-29 BERTRAND Joellibrtl
2010-11-27 BERTRAND JoelFix makefiles
2010-11-27 BERTRAND JoelNew file tree and makefiles.
2010-11-26 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-11-24 BERTRAND JoelTrying to fix VM bugs.
2010-11-22 BERTRAND JoelTry to fix pagefault protocol.
2010-11-17 BERTRAND JoelSome bugs remain in vms$pagefault.
2010-11-16 BERTRAND JoelSome modifications in pager.
2010-11-13 BERTRAND JoelAttempt to write pager. Doesn't work yet.
2010-11-11 BERTRAND JoelLot of bugs are fixed in virtual memory subsystem.
2010-11-07 BERTRAND JoelLot of stuff...
2010-11-03 BERTRAND JoelFix a mutex bug.
2010-11-01 BERTRAND JoelVM + mutexes
2010-11-01 BERTRAND JoelVM + mutexes
2010-10-31 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-30 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-30 BERTRAND JoelVm...
2010-10-27 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-27 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-27 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-26 BERTRAND JoelTranstypage bug...
2010-10-26 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-26 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-25 BERTRAND JoelAdd backtrace facilities.
2010-10-24 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-24 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-24 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-23 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-23 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-21 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-20 BERTRAND JoelAdding converttab
2010-10-20 BERTRAND JoelVM...
2010-10-20 BERTRAND JoelMinor corrections
2010-10-20 BERTRAND JoelThread control
2010-10-14 BERTRAND JoelAdd first VM services
2010-10-12 BERTRAND JoelAdd parsing function to parse kernel command line.
2010-10-12 BERTRAND JoelAdd some files.
2010-10-12 BERTRAND JoelTypo
2010-10-12 BERTRAND JoelNew files
2010-10-12 BERTRAND JoelCleaning sources
2010-10-09 BERTRAND JoelInitial commit